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Free lottery games are, as you might have guessed, those which cost the player nothing to enter. As a naturally sceptical person, I have spent many years being extremely wary of such notions, as the idea of “money for nothing” has always struck me as being somewhat illogical. However, my research into lottery games of all types over the last few years has led me to change my position, because there really are several genuine lotteries that you can enter without spending a penny on tickets.

One such lottery game can be found at, and a simple investigation into that particular opportunity gives us a good insight into how perfectly legitimate free lotteries are possible.

Free Lottery Net gives players two daily chances to play something called the “Daily Draw”. This works like most other lottery draws, in that you select your own numbers and you win prizes according to how many of these numbers match the ones that are draw. The top prize is paid to players who match six main numbers and a bonus ball, and is work £1,000,000. Match six or five numbers only and you win £5,000 or £100 respectively. There are also non-cash prizes to be won, but if you want details of those you should check out the terms and conditions page of the web site, as a full discussion of this particular game isn’t the aim of this lottery blog entry. My intention here is simply to highlight how such a free lottery is possible, and the one word explanation is advertising.

When you sign up to play at you are agreeing to receive free advertising offers – by email – from a range of carefully selected companies. As anyone who has ever been involved at the sharp end of business will realise, advertising via usual methods, such as television and newspaper adverts, costs a great deal of money. So it makes sense that if people can be encouraged to sign up to read advertisements on a voluntary basis, the companies involved can contribute to a prize fund and still save money.

And that’s basically how the majority of legitimate free lottery games work. Far from being the “money for nothing” propositions that even I used to believe, they are much more rational “money for reading our advertising” opportunities that are well worth your serious consideration.

Of course, it is important to make sure that any free lottery game you choose to enter is legitimate and above board, but this is the case with cash lottery games too. So my advice this week is to take a look at and similar sites and to consider participating in those that appeal to you. Who knows, it could be the one thing you do today that changes your life forever.

Good luck!

Article Last Updated: 15/01/2008 08:32:22

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