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Free lottery tickets don’t have to be a fantasy if you define the word free as “without additional personal cost”. We can all increase the number of lottery tickets we play each week if we shave a little off our other regular expenses. Let me explain...

Most people spend a surprising amount of money every week without really thinking about it. When you stop to buy a newspaper in the morning, or pay for petrol at your local garage, you might also pick up a chocolate bar and a magazine. When you visit the pub for lunch, you might drop a pound coin or two into the slot machine whilst you are waiting for your steak and ale pie to be brought to your table. And when you’re browsing the web you might spend a few pounds on an item from eBay that catches your eye.

Not the kind of thing you do? Don’t be so sure. Grab a notepad and keep track of every penny you spend for the next 30 days. No matter who you are, I’d be willing to bet that you spend at least £5 on stuff that you don’t really need or even want.

The chocolate bar is consumed and then we feel guilty about the extra calories as we toss away the wrapper. The magazines that we buy on impulse are skimmed through, left to gather dust for a week or two and then thrown into the recycle bin. The coins in the slot machine only make the pub landlord a tad richer, and your eBay “bargain” turns out to be the kind of tat you could have picked up in person from a local market – and saved yourself postage costs in the process.

So the way to get free lottery tickets is to avoid wasting money on such things, but the cash you save into a money box and then use it to get yourself an extra Lucky Dip or Dream Number when you next visit your local Lotto retailer. It’s a simple plan, but it could actually double your chances of winning.

For example, consider the scenario where a lottery player spends £1 on the National Lottery every Wednesday and Friday. If that player skipped a couple of chocolate bars each week, or gave slot machines a wide berth, they might save enough to spend £2 on lottery tickets every Wednesday and Friday. Their chances of winning have therefore double and they haven’t spend a penny more than they would have done previously. The extra lottery tickets can therefore be viewed as “free” as far as their weekly outgoings are concerned.

Of course, some people would say that buying lottery tickets is also a waste, but to those people I have just one question to ask in return: When was the last time your Mars Bar gave you a chance of becoming a millionaire overnight?

Article Last Updated: 18/03/2009 18:14:51

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