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National Lottery Lottery headquarters are like HM Customs and Excise offices – nobody worries about where they are located until the need arises.

Whilst you might not be in any particular rush to visit the VAT man, the chances are that you would be in a rush to claim a lottery jackpot should your numbers come up. It therefore makes sense to know where the lottery headquarters are and how to find them.

There is a great psychological benefit of locating the headquarters of the lottery game you play and then planning how to get their from your home, and that’s the fact that planning a “jackpot winner’s journey” in advance helps to make the game itself more exciting. Also, if you’re one of those players who believes that vividly imagining an event helps to bring it about in the real world, being able to visualise not only your win but the details of your journey to lottery HQ can’t fail to add an extra something to your efforts.

If you play Lotto, EuroMillions, Dream Number or any other official lottery game in the United Kingdom, the National Lottery headquarters can be found on Tolpits Lane in Watford, Hertfordshire. The postcode, for those who want to have it on speed dial in your Tom Tom or other GPS device, is WD18 9RN.

Those of us who live in the UK can be grateful for the fact that we have regional lottery centres in Belfast, Cardiff, Glasgow and Liverpool, and a trip down to Watford might not be necessary in all cases. Our cousins in America who play Powerball and MegaMillions often have to travel much further to claim large prizes in person. Indeed, there are several stories of winners driving all night to make sure they were present and correct with their winning ticket just as soon as the lottery doors opened the next morning. Whilst we probably wouldn’t mind driving for hours and hours if we knew there was a seven or eight figure prize to be collected, UK lottery players seldom have to spend all day (or night) travelling to the relevant claims office.

For those of you who like to be prepared for the very best scenario, your homework this week is to locate the lottery headquarters relevant to your own game and then figure out how to get there. If you do this and your numbers come up, you can spend your time celebrating rather than consulting maps and A to Z’s.

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