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Lottery players come in many different shapes and sizes and from a wide variety of backgrounds, but it seems to me that there are just a handful of categories that we can all fit into. Here are my suggested categories – which one do you belong to?

Dabblers are people who go from one lottery game to another on a weekly basis. They might play the UK Lotto one week, Dream Number the next week and EuroMillions the week after that. Dabblers might also like to play different numbers in every game they play – either by selecting different numbers themselves or by playing a Lucky Dip entry as a matter of course.

Loyalists are at the opposite end of the spectrum to Dabblers and tend to play the same lottery game week after week without any variation. For example, there are some people who started playing the UK Lotto game in November 1994 (when it was known simply as the National Lottery) and who have entered every draw that has taken place since. Some loyalists go even further and play the same numbers religiously, never varying their approach,

Whimsies are players who decide how to play when it is time to play, and not a moment sooner. They rely on how they feel in the moment to help them decide which game to play, which numbers to play and how many tickets they will buy. In other words, they do everything on a whim.

Fatalists are lottery players who believe that we win or lose according to what fate or destiny has already determined. These players therefore tend to look for signs and hints about the games to play and the numbers to choose. For example, many fatalists note the content of their dreams to identify the numbers they should write on their play slips. Others are quite happy to play a Lucky Dip and trust fate to do what it will.

Rationalists are people who think things through very logically and rationally. They understand that the odds of them winning a lottery jackpot are very small, and therefore do not really expect to win. However, many rationalists still play because they also understand that someone will usually win the jackpot and it could just as easily be them as anyone else.

The final category of lottery player consists of what I call Magicians. These are people who believe that they can influence the outcome of a lottery game using the power of their mind, incantations or a lucky pen. A Rationalist would be quick to point out that the odds of winning can never be changed by any such approach, but Magicians maintain that there is more to life than objective reality.

I think that most lottery players could be categorised into one of the six groups outlined here, so take a moment to think about which group you belong to. Then brace yourself for my next Lotto Blog entry, in which I will offer advice on how players in each group could increase their enjoyment of lottery games by changing their approach now and again.

Until then, good luck!

Article Last Updated: 18/03/2009 18:06:15

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