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To play for eye-popping, jaw-dropping jackpots that regularly roll over your lottery of choice may well be the National Lottery Euromillions. The first of the Euromillions draws took place on Friday February 13th, 2004, beginning an incredible history of making players unimaginably rich. Twice a week, residents of Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom hold their collective breaths as the balls are drawn. Will someone win an insane amount of cash, or will it roll over again and again, quite possibly catapulting the winner straight onto their nation's rich list? With the exception of the residents of Switzerland, all prizes, including the jackpot, are payable in a tax-free, lump sum. You can view the latest numbers drawn including the UK Millionaire raffle result on our Euromillions results page.

Play twice a week


The Euromillions takes place every Tuesday and Friday in Paris with the results usually available from 20:30 GMT. May 2011 saw the introduction of a Tuesday draw, and the addition of two extra Lucky Star numbers. This made the matrix 5/50 and 2/11 to win the jackpot a player must match all five main numbers drawn in the Euromillions Lottery and the two Lucky Stars. As well as the addition of two extra Lucky Star numbers an extra prize tier was added for matching just two main numbers. The two extra Lucky Stars now mean more mind-boggling Euromillions rollovers watch those jackpots climb!

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EuroMillions Jackpots

The odds of winning any National Lottery Euromillions prize are about 1 in 13 rising to a whopping 1 in 116 million of matching five main numbers and two Lucky Stars to win the jackpot. The exact value of the prize depends on how many tickets have been sold and how many entries share your numbers. Jackpots begin at £13/€15 million, but rollovers happen regularly. Occasional Super Draws take place, such as the one to celebrate the first ever Tuesday draw. This jackpot started at £85/€100 million, which then rolled over to £105,892,179 / €121,019,633. A player in Spain held the winning Euromillions ticket.

The prize breakdowns, estimated prizes and odds of winning the Euromillions are as follows:

Main Numbers Matched Lucky Stars Matched Odds of Winning
5 2 1 in 116,531,800
5 1 1 in 6,473,989
5 0 1 in 3,236,995
4 2 1 in 517,920
4 1 1 in 28,774
4 0 1 in 14,387
3 2 1 in 11,771
3 1 1 in 654
2 2 1 in 822
3 0 1 in 327
1 2 1 in 157
2 1 1 in 46
2 0 1 in 23

The EuroMillions jackpot cannot rise any higher than 190 million. If it reaches this jackpot cap and is not won the first time around, it will only stay at 190 million for the next draw. If no player matches five main numbers and two Lucky Stars in this draw, the top prize is rolled down into the next winning prize tier.

Any additional funds from ticket sales that otherwise would have pushed the jackpot over 190 million on either draw are also transferred into the next winning prize tier, whether there is a jackpot winner or not!

Exclusive UK Millionaire Raffle

Players who take part through the UK National Lottery can also enjoy the Millionaire Raffle. This creates two new millionaires in the UK every week, guaranteed and it is free to enter. Your Millionaire Raffle numbers are issued to you automatically every time you purchase a Euromillions ticket. Occasionally, special promotional raffles take place, where extra winners are chosen. The biggest Millionaire Raffle draw took place on the 27th July 2012 when 100 millionaires were created in a single draw. The odds of winning the Millionaire Raffle on the Tuesday draw are estimated at 1 in 3,500,000 and on the Friday draw, the odds are approximately 1 in 9,200,000.

Exclusive Irish EuroMillions Plus

In a similar way to the UK, Ireland has an exclusive EuroMillions Plus game for Irish lottery players to play alongside the main EuroMillions draw. The jackpot in this game is €500,00 for matching five out of five numbers, with two more prize tiers if players match either three or four numbers.

Playing Euromillions online is simple and safe

Now you never have to miss out on the chance to win a phenomenal amount of money, or worry about having to lose a ticket again. Creating your Euromillions account takes a matter of moments and then you have various options. There is a minimum purchase of three lines, and you can purchase a maximum of 10 lines per draw. Then choose how many draws you want to enter between 1 and 52. After you have bought your ticket, you receive a confirmation e-mail, and your scanned tickets are available to view in your account within 24 hours. Your tickets will show the precise time of purchase and which draws they have been entered for.

And just think. The next time your phone vibrates, or inbox pings, it could be a notification e-mail announcing you are a Euromillions winner. Notification e-mails are sent to winners of all prize tiers.

If you have won a Euromillions jackpot, there are two options for claiming your prize. You can either collect your winnings in person or have the money directly transferred to your bank account.

Once again, we cannot impress just how much more safe and sensible it is to buy Euromillions tickets online. Certain supermarkets even print their tickets out on a piece of white till roll far too easy to throw out with the contents of your pocket. Open an account today and play National Lottery Euromillions the wise way.

Euromillions Results

Checking your lottery numbers is fun and exciting. We have a Euromillions results page where you can check the latest draw moments after it has been made, plus the ten draws before that. We also have an archive, so if you find an old ticket at the bottom of your pocket, you can still check to see if you are a winner.

We also have a free Euromillions smart phone app, so you can go mobile with your results. There is also a results checker and random number generator it's the essential app for any lottery player.

EuroMillions Superdraws

EuroMillions Superdraws are special draws that take place from time to time, where the regular jackpot is boosted to a guaranteed minimum of 80 / 100 million. To find out more about Superdraws visit the EuroMillions Superdraws page.

Key Euromillions facts

  • The largest ever win on a single Euromillions ticket was in July 2011 when Chris and Colin Weir from the UK netted £161,653,000/€185,000,000 on draw number 397.
  • In 2011, the format changed to 5 balls from 50 and 2 from 11.
  • The first big noteworthy Euromillions win came in February 2006, where three tickets shared £124/€183 million.
  • The minimum Euromillions jackpot starts at €15 million.

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