Lottery Terminal

A lottery terminal is a machine that has been built for the specific purpose of issuing lottery tickets to players. They are installed only in the premises of authorised lottery retailers and are linked to the central computer via the modern telecommunications system, much like computers connect to the internet.

As well as issuing tickets by processing play slips that have been completed by the player, a lottery terminal can also generate random selections for players by utilising special software. This random generation of a lottery entries is referred to as a Lucky Dip in some countries and as a Quick Pick in others. The machine can also scan tickets for previous draws and check the numbers against the database of official results, which is useful for players who have several tickets and want to check them quickly and efficiently.

Although lottery terminals are reliable most of the time, they can go offline occasionally and when this happens it is not possible for players to buy lottery tickets. Players must also remember that terminal operators can and sometimes do make mistakes when entering information manually (for example, the number of draws you wish to play for). It is therefore very important that you check your lottery ticket(s) as soon as they have been issued by the terminal and handed to you by the retailer.

Should you notice that a mistake has been made, you can normally hand the ticket straight back to the retailer and they can cancel it and issue another. However, you should check the rules of the lottery you play, as most have a time limit that needs to be observed for corrections. If the lottery terminal closes before that time limit, your chance to correct a mistake may also be lost, so check your ticket immediately and don’t hesitate to bring any flaws to the attention of the retailer on the spot.

As technology progresses we can expect lottery terminals to be aimed just as much at the lottery player as they are currently aimed at lottery retailers. We foresee a time in the not-too-distant future when players will be able to process their own transactions at self-service terminals, in much the same way as people currently use cash machines to service their bank accounts.

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