Lucky Dip

The term “Lucky Dip” refers to a feature which randomly allocates lottery numbers to a player so that they don’t have to select their own. The same feature is known as a “Quick Pick” in many countries, but regardless of whether you talk about a Lucky Dip or a Quick Pick, the basic principle is the same: as many numbers as the player needs are selected by a random number generator built into the software running on lottery terminals. Thus, if a player needs to select 6 numbers from 1 to 45, six numbers will be generated. If a player needs to select three digits (from 0 to 9) then three digits will be generated.

Some players hold the mistaken belief that random numbers, as selected by the Lucky Dip, are less likely to come up than numbers based on birthdays, anniversaries and other “personal” factors. This is of course untrue, and no matter what lottery you are playing, the odds for one set of numbers being draw are exactly the same as the odds for any other set of numbers. Lotteries are not biased and the method by which you pick numbers is therefore irrelevant as far as odds are concerned.

The main advantage of using a Lucky Dip is that it tends to be more convenient than selecting your own numbers. This is particularly so if you enter more than one or two lines for each draw, because you can simply mark as many “Lucky Dip” or “Quick Pick” boxes as you want on your lottery play slip and hand it over to your lottery retailer to process. You could even bypass the lottery play slip altogether in many countries and simply ask the retailer for as many Lucky Dip entries as you want to play. Both options are likely to be far faster than entering your own number manually, especially in busy times.

Because Lucky Dip and Quick Pick entries are generated randomly, there is always a chance that some numbers could be repeated if you play several lines. If this happens then recognise it as a perfectly normal coincidence, and not something that negates the randomness off the numbers being generated.


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