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The UK might be a fairly compact nation from a geographical perspective, but it is a big player in the world of lottery games and some massive jackpot wins have been achieved by UK lottery players. The biggest jackpot win ever achieved in the UK was on the Euromillions lottery, and was for a total of 161,653,000. This was won by Christine and Colin Weir, a couple from Largs, Scotland, on 12th July 2011, and although this was technically the second biggest Euromillions win of all time as it was worth 185 million it was the largest British Sterling prize.

The biggest Euromillions jackpot was 190 million, which, although also won by UK based winners, Adrian and Gillian Bayford, on 10th August 2012 equated to a lesser British Sterling prize of 148 million due to differences in the exchange rate.

Both these wins occurred due to consecutive rollovers of the Euromillions jackpot until the top prizes reached the cap put in place by Euromillions organisers. The odds of matching all the numbers to win the jackpot prize are a staggering 1 in 176,275,360, which makes these two top winning players very, very lucky indeed! The UK can boast being home to 36 Euromillions jackpot winners, which accounts for 15.7% of all winners.

The biggest ever win on a national lottery for a single UK winner was in June 1995 for 22,590,829 on the UK Lotto (formally the National Lottery). However, this was not the biggest jackpot ever seen by the UK Lotto; it reached 44,008,610 on 6th January 1996 and was shared between three ticket holders.

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