Winning Numbers

Winning numbers are those that determine the winners of any lottery game. They are generated at random, usually by a carefully engineered lottery machine that mixes an appropriate quantity of numbered balls in a sealed environment and separates the required number of balls, which are then termed the “winning” numbers.

It is important that such lottery machines and numbered balls are manufactured to the highest standard, as any flaws could result in a less than random result, and this wouldn’t be fair to the lottery players themselves. Regular audits of lottery machines are carried out to ensure than any potential bias that could be caused by normal wear and tear is spotted and rectified immediately.

In a good number of lotteries winning numbers may be comprised of main numbers and supplementary or bonus numbers. For example, in the main UK National Lottery game known as Lotto, the machine picks 6 main numbers and 1 bonus ball. In the Australian Tattslotto game, 6 main numbers and 2 supplementary numbers are selected. These bonus and supplementary numbers usually exist to determine winners of prizes below the jackpot level.

It is generally the responsibility of each individual lottery player to check the winning numbers for any lottery draw they have entered and to then make a claim if they have won. Winning numbers are publicised in a number of ways; most commonly by being broadcast on television (for live draws), published in newspapers and also on the internet. Some lotteries which allow players to participate by subscription or with a registered lottery card will automatically check the numbers that the individual has played and notify them of any major win. This is a useful service, but it is still in the player’s best interests to get into the habit of checking the winning numbers for themselves. The easiest way of establishing this habit is to bookmark an internet site such as this one and to visit at least once a week. Failing to make a claim because you were unaware of the winning numbers can lead to you missing the claim deadline and forfeiting any prize you have won, so do not underestimate the importance of this.


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