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Frequently asked questions regarding play of the UK National Lottery games like the main Lotto including the Lotto Raffle, Thunderball and Euromillions.

Are lottery draws totally fair?

All National Lottery games are very strictly regulated and audited to ensure that draws are perfectly fair. They even go so far as checking the draw machines and balls for wear and tear so that no number is more likely to be picked than any other. On top of all that, draw data is analysed by statistics experts to make sure that any bias is spotted and investigated immediately.

Playing Information:

My ticket doesn't have the right numbers on it
– can I get a refund?

A player can only request a refund for an incorrectly printed ticket if they bring it to the attention of the lottery retailer within two hours, or before the lottery terminal closes if that is sooner. After that, no refunds can be issued under any circumstances.

Can you give me any information to help with my studies?

We regret that is unable to help in these cases. Your best alternative is to write to the National Lottery Commission itself at 2 Monck Street, London SW1P 2BQ

How can my business sell lottery tickets?

If you want to sell National Lottery tickets or scratchcard games you will need to apply for an official National lottery licence. You should contact the Retail Selection Manager at Camelot if you want to pursue this, but do be aware that there are only a limited number of retailers allowed in any particular area, and waiting lists are likely to be a lot longer than the number of vacancies.

Where can I find out about lottery grants and Good causes?

Take a look at Lottery grants and The Good Causes.

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