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Buying lottery tickets online is quick, easy and provides a number of benefits when compared to buying your lottery ticket from a retailer. The main benefits are that your lottery ticket will be stored electronically, checked automatically after the draw and an email notification sent if you win a prize.

Estimated Jackpot £11,000,000
Next draw: Dec 23rd 2014 - Tuesday Time until next draw:
Estimated Jackpot £8,000,000
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Advantages to Buying National Lottery Tickets Online

  • Convenience: Buying a ticket online avoids the queues at your local retailer.
  • Security: Your ticket is stored in your online account so there is no risk of your ticket being lost, damaged or stolen.
  • Automatic checking: Your lottery numbers are automatically checked after the draw and you will receive an email alert if you have won a prize.
  • Reliability: You have the option to set up a Direct Debit to ensure that you never miss a draw.

In addition to the National Lottery games listed above, players can also buy tickets for a range of other lotteries from around the world, including the US Powerball and Italian SuperEnalotto lotteries, regardless of the player’s geographical location. Tickets for the lotteries listed below can be purchased through the Lottery Ticket Concierge Service.

Irish Lotto

Irish Lotto
The Irish Lottery has some of the best lottery odds around, with players required to match six out of 45 numbers to win the jackpot. Prizes can also be won for matching three or more numbers.

USA Powerball

Powerball is one of America’s most widely played lotteries with jackpots frequently reaching hundreds of millions of dollars. This lottery entered the record books in May 2013 when the jackpot reached US$590.5 million and was won by a single ticket holder, giving Powerball the record for creating the world’s largest ever single ticket jackpot win.

Mega Millions

Mega Millions, like Powerball, enjoys prominence in the USA for being one of the world’s largest lotteries. Mega Millions is best known for holding the record for generating the biggest lottery jackpot in the world, worth US$656 million, which was finally won in March 2012 and shared between three tickets holders.

El Gordo Spanish Lottery

El Gordo
The El Gordo de la Primitiva is Spain’s most popular National Lottery and is drawn every Sunday, with jackpots starting from €5 million. It is best known for holding the annual Christmas draw named El Gordo Navidad with a prize pool worth several billion Euros.

Oz Lotto

OZ Lotto
The Oz Lotto is played across Australia every Tuesday evening and offers some of the largest lottery jackpots in the country. The highest jackpot ever won on the Oz Lotto was worth an impressive AUD$112 million.


The Brazilian Mega Sena draw takes place twice a week and boasts some of the biggest jackpots in South America. It is best known for hosting the special Mega da Virada draw which is held annually on New Year’s Eve.


SuperEnalotto is an Italian institution which requires players to match six numbers from a possible 90 in order to win the jackpot. As doing this means beating incredible odds, the jackpots can be incredibly rewarding.

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