Lotto Raffle

The Lotto Raffle is the newest game to join the UK Lotto portfolio and was first drawn on Saturday 5th October 2013. Similar to the Millionaire Raffle which is played alongside the EuroMillions, the Lotto Raffle is included in the price of the UK Lotto ticket and is played together with each draw, offering players an extra chance to win a prize when they buy their National Lottery ticket.

The Lotto Raffle guarantees that at least 50 tickets per draw will win a prize of £20,000 simply by matching their automatically generated code to one of those picked at random. Even more exciting is that the number of raffle prizes increases if the Lotto jackpot rolls over, which means up to 250 prizes could be given away in one night!

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How to Play

All you have to do to be automatically entered for the Lotto Raffle is buy your UK Lotto ticket as usual. For each set of numbers you purchase, a raffle code will be automatically generated and printed on the bottom of your ticket. The code will comprise of a four-letter colour (such as AQUA or BLUE) followed by eight random numbers, for example "BLUE 2435 9876".

Every code generated will be entered into the draw and a minimum of 50 codes will be randomly selected shortly after the main UK Lotto numbers are drawn. If you match any of the codes exactly you’ll be the lucky winner of a £20,000 prize!

  Next Estimated Jackpot:    £9,900,000
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Lotto Rollovers

Whether the UK Lotto jackpot is won or not, the Lotto Raffle will still guarantee a minimum of 50 prizes of £20,000. However if the jackpot rolls over then the number of raffle winners will also increase in the following draw!

The table below shows the projected number of raffle winners in the case of rollover jackpots.

Rollovers Winners
One Rollover 100 players win £20,000
Two Rollovers 150 players win £20,000
Three Rollovers 200 players win £20,000
Quadruple Rollover 250 players win £20,000


The Lotto Raffle will also hold special event draws which see even more prizes being paid out! For example, to celebrate the launch of the new UK Lotto, 1,000 raffle codes were selected to each receive £20,000 on Saturday 5th and Saturday 12th October 2013.

To keep up to date with the latest news about upcoming and special Lotto Raffle draws, visit the Lottery News page.

Buy Tickets for Lotto Raffle

The Lotto Raffle can only be played as part of the main UK Lotto game, so if you wish to play the Lotto Raffle you must have a valid ticket for the national lottery. To find out how to buy your tickets online, visit the Lottery Tickets page for full details.

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