Lotto Raffle

Lotto Raffle was introduced in October 2013 as a supplementary game played alongside Lotto. Similar to Millionaire Maker, a companion game to EuroMillions, Lotto Raffle is included in the cost of a Lotto ticket and is played alongside the main draw, giving players an extra shot at winning a prize.

On November 22nd 2014, the Lotto Raffle rules were changed and the number of prizes available in each draw was set at 50. However, this allows more Lotto Raffle prizes to be offered on special occasions, such as the premier of the revamped Lotto game. In addition to the incredible £10 million jackpot on offer in each of the draws held on Saturday 5th October and Saturday 12th October 2013, there were also 1,000 Lotto Raffle prizes to be won!

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How to Play Lotto Raffle

To play Lotto Raffle, just buy a Lotto ticket as you would normally do. Underneath the numbers you selected for the main draw will be a unique code that consists of a four-letter colour and eight random numbers, such as RUBY 1234 5678. You’ll receive a Lotto Raffle code for every Lotto entry you purchase. These codes are entered into the draw and 50 out of all the codes entered are selected to win a prize.

  Next Estimated Jackpot:    £8,000,000
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You’re automatically entered into the Lotto Raffle when you buy a regular Lotto ticket. That’s all you need to do! To find out more about buying entries for Lotto and other games offered by the National Lottery, visit the Lottery Tickets page.

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