Buy Lotto tickets and pay the bills

National Lottery Camelot, the National Lottery operator has approached Santander, the Co-operative bank and the Post Office to see if it is possible to use lottery terminals to pay bills and top up mobile phones in addition to lottery ticket sales. For now Camelot has applied for permission and now it’s just left up to the regulator to see whether these propsals to lottery terminals fall within the current regulations.

It will be April before this is complete and that then would allow people to buy lotto tickets and pay things like council tax and utility bills at the same time.

Lottery retailers wouldn’t be obliged to take up Camelot on the new offer and decisions would be make by each local government. However with 25,000 lottery terminals across the UK, this is looking like a great idea across the board until you consider how many players now buy lotto tickets online. It’s little wonder people are getting technical when you consider that it’s impossible to lose a ticket online, the National Lottery even send you an email if you’re a lucky winner.

Meanwhile in last night’s UK Lotto draw there was one jackpot winner, walking away with the £4.8 million jackpot. Have you checked the lottery results yet? If not it might be time to do so as you may be the latest lotto millionaire.

The next UK Lotto draw is to be held on Wednesday evening and the jackpot is an estimated £2.4 million. Good luck!

Article Last Updated: 21st February 2010

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