Divorce then lotto win for bus driver

Lottery Pounds A bus driver and his new partner are celebrating this week after winning the UK Lotto just hours after his divorce was finalised. Kevin Halstead won £2.3 million on the UK Lotto just hours after his divorce was finalised, meaning he and his new partner can keep the lot.

The 50 year old bus driver received his decree absolute on Friday and spent the evening celebrating with friends, the next morning he bought a lottery ticket for Saturday night’s UK Lotto draw and just a few hours later shared the £4.6 million jackpot, netting him £2.3 million.

Had the divorce taken just a few days longer, his ex-wife could have possibly forced his hand but the timing of the lotto win means that he and his new partner get to keep the entire lotto jackpot.

Mr Halstead from Chorley, Lancs has now been whisked off to a secret location by National Lottery organisers after winning the half share of Saturday night’s UK Lotto jackpot. The couple are expected to face the cameras at a press conference later today.

The gentleman’s ex-wife Helen insists the couple are still good friends and that she couldn’t be happier about his lotto win. She is quoted today as saying “I’m really happy for him, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person”.

The next UK Lotto draw will be held this evening and the estimated jackpot for the draw is £2.5 million. You can buy lotto tickets online through our pages or from the very many lottery retailers across the UK.

Article Last Updated: 17th March 2010

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