Euromillions Millionaire Raffle Tickets to Expire on 4th December

EuromillionsFriday night saw the Euromillions Millionaires Month get underway and whilst the draw created 18 new millionaires in the UK and a multi-millionaire in Portugal there are actually two Euromillions Millionaire Raffle tickets set to expire on 4th December from the previous Super Raffle! On 7th June was saw the Euromillions draw create 15 overnight millionaires but two of the winners have yet to come forward and claim their prize!

One of the winning tickets was sold in Cannock Chase, Staffordshire and the other in the Metropolitan Borough of Stockpot and if not claimed by this coming Sunday, 4th December, the money will go into the pot for Good Causes.

Whilst we can all speculate as to why these two winning Millionaire Raffle claims have not been made it could simply be that the two ticket holders simply discarded their tickets. Recent conversations with Euromillions players via Twitter and other social networking sites reveals that quite a number of participants in this popular lottery weren’t even aware of the Millionaire Raffle or what it meant. This could suggest that these two winning tickets have simply been discarded as the holders checked their main draw numbers, didn’t have what they believed to be a winning ticket and threw it away.

Another Euromillions win that is due to go into the Good Causes pot expires on 28th December 2011 and has a value of £159,128.50 as the holder matched five main balls and a Lucky Star on the draw of 1st July 2011. This ticket was sold in the Vale of White Horse, Oxfordshire.

Dig out your old tickets, double check your numbers – who knows, it could be you! Remember, you can check your Euromillions results here just minutes after the draw has taken place in Paris.


Article Last Updated: 28th November 2011

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