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Money PotSince Friday evening, gossip has been rife about who is holding the winning €113 million Euromillions ticket. All we know for sure is that it’s a UK Lottery player but the national press are going crazy to find out the identity of the winner and today speculation is mounting that the winner has already identified himself to his Facebook friends. On Saturday, Peter Lowery from Sunderland posted on his Facebook page that he is the Euromillions winner but his friends say it’s an elaborate hoax.

Mr Lowery has even posted a picture of the winning lottery ticket, which certainly appears to contain the winning Euromillions Lottery winners, but is it a trick or has this gentleman really won the biggest Euromillions jackpot ever to be won in the UK?

Confirmation this morning from the organisers of the UK arm of the Euromillions Lottery that the winner hasn’t yet come forward makes it unlikely that Peter Lowery is the next winner. Whoever it is, is losing around £90,000 a day in interest, surely you would call to confirm your win before posting it on your Facebook page?

Although in these modern times who knows? And Mr Lowery seems to be in possession of the winning lottery ticket. Keep checking back to our lottery news pages for more news about the latest Euromillionaire as we hear about it! As soon as we find out the identity of the winner (if indeed we ever do) then we’ll be bringing you news about it on these pages!

Article Last Updated: 12th October 2010

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