Fan Strikes Fortune

The recent spate of football fans winning lottery jackpots looks set to continue thanks to a Sunderland FC fan who won £2,703,190 in the Lotto draw last Wednesday 7 March.

Michael Eggleston, who is 61, has been a fan of the Black Cats for as long as he can remember, and this appreciation for Sunderland FC has rubbed off on the rest of his family. So much so that his nine year old granddaughter Amy was recently introduced to the home crowd as the official Sunderland FC mascot. With over £2.7 million in the bank, Michael can now afford to watch his favourite team from the hospitality - something that he has no doubt wanted to do for years!

Michael credits his granddaughter for the luck that won him the National Lottery jackpot last Wednesday. "Amy has certainly been my lucky mascot. I only hope the luck continues for Sunderland," he said.

Michael was at home with his wife Norma when they discovered that they had become multi-millionaires with the numbers they chose inspired based on family birthdays. "2007 was always going to be a special year for us as we are about to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary in two weeks," Michael said.

And what are they planning to do with their money? "We are taking a holiday in Egypt, which will be even extra special," Michael said. "This lottery win is such a fantastic bonus for us. I've had a few previous wins but hitting the jackpot has been an unbelievable experience."

As well as visiting the land of the pyramids, Michael intends to treat his children and two grandchildren in some way. "It's very early days at the moment and we are still thinking about what we will do," Michael said. "We will however be able to secure the future for the family and that is the most important thing."

Let's hope that some of Michael's luck rubs off on his beloved Sunderland!

Article Last Updated: 16th March 2007

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