Midweek Euromillions rolls again

Lottery BallsWell last night was the third Tuesday Euromillions draw but still no one has won the midweek Euromillions as it rolls again. That’s three Tuesday Euromillions draws and three rollovers as the jackpot grows for Friday night. With the £13 million jackpot added to Friday’s pool, the Euromillions jackpot is likely to be around £24 million for Friday evening, but before that, here’s the news on last night’s draw.

So the £13 million jackpot rolled over, and UK lottery players did not fare particularly well in last night’s Euromillions draw. The biggest UK winner was as expected the Millionaire Raffle winner who will walk away with a £1 million prize for matching the Raffle number HVC122724. That aside, just £1.5 million was paid out in prize money to UK players from the main draw, on what was a particularly dismal evening for results.

Players matching five main balls and a lucky star collected £105,000 from last night’s draw. Of the six players who matched this prize, three were from the UK but that’s about it for the big UK Euromillions winners.

Hopefully UK players can make up for it on Friday evening, when the £24 million rollover goes up for grabs. It was reported that rollovers would be more likely since the rule changes to the Euromillions Lottery and that certainly seems to be coming true, and every other draw for the last five draws has rolled over.

So will we see a winner on Friday evening, or is it time for a big rollover? Who knows? You’ll have to tune into the lottery results to find out!

Article Last Updated: 25th May 2011

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