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Lottery Balls If you are an avid player of the National Lottery then you may well be aware of the most popular draw numbers, which have been drawn the least and the National Lottery numbers due out because they haven’t appeared in a draw for some time. However, for those of you who don’t spend time looking at the statistics and frequency of numbers for the UK Lotto, why not use this piece to pick you next six numbers?

Below are the six National Lottery numbers due out because they have no appeared in a draw for quite some time:

  • Number 7: Although considered a lucky number by many people around the world, the number 7 hasn’t appeared in a UK Lotto draw for 92 days but in total, since the National Lottery has been drawn it has been out a total of 173 times.
  • Number 15: This number was last drawn on the National Lottery 64 days ago and has only been drawn a total of 161 times.
  • Number 10: In total, number 10 has been part of a UK Lotto draw 184 times but we haven’t seen it for 64 days, it was last drawn on the same day as number 15 on 30th September 2009. Incidentally this draw saw the jackpot split between 3 lucky winners.
  • Number 14: The number that symbolises love because of Valentine’s Day was last drawn 61 days ago but has been draw in total 167 times.
  • Number 46: Drawn 174 times the number 46 hasn’t been seen in a UK Lotto draw for 57 days.
  • Number 37: Just one number down from the most frequently drawn number, 38, we haven’t seen number 37 for 47 days.

So why not use all of the above numbers for this Saturday’s National Lottery draw, who knows, it could be you!

Article Last Updated: 5th December 2009

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