One more Lotto millionaire created

National Lottery Yesterday was Wednesday and that of course is UK Lotto day, the draw went off as normal and the jackpot was just over £2 million. The great news is that one lucky ticket holder scooped the lot creating one more millionaire in the UK before the lotto’s fifteenth birthday. The jackpot wasn’t great but we’re sure the single winner won’t be complaining at becoming an instant lotto millionaire.

It’s not yet known whether the winner has come forward which means you might have been lucky, check the lottery results now to find out the winning numbers in last night’s UK Lotto draw.

The one lucky ticket holder wasn’t the only one to get lucky in last night’s UK Lotto draw either, another eleven players matched five main balls and the bonus to win £57,000 and 514 players won £770 each for matching five main balls without the bonus.

The total prize fund for the lottery draw last night was over £7 million so there are sure to be lots of players smiling this morning at their own good fortune.

The next UK Lotto draw will be held on Saturday evening and the jackpot for that is an estimated £4.4 million.

Of course if you want to play for really big money then before the lotto draw is the Euromillions draw on Friday evening and that one is a triple rollover! The next jackpot is an estimated £54 million to one lucky player and could get even higher if lottery fever takes hold!

Article Last Updated: 22nd October 2009

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