Scout Groups Celebrate Lotto Grant

Money Pot As Scouts they may be too young to play the UK Lotto but they’ve still managed to hit the jackpot as one Scout Group celebrates a lotto grant from the Big Lottery Fund. The group from Cookstown in Northern Island is celebrating an award of almost £6,000 to their organisation as part of a larger lotto grant of £249,000 to thirty-five Scout groups across Northern Ireland.

The Cookstown grant is just one of the lottery grants for good causes being handed to Scout Groups across Northern Ireland which will benefit many groups across the country. Another group to benefit is the 1st Pomeroy Scout Troop with has been awarded almost £3,000 to give its members the opportunity to take part in the Wings Camp in London and the activities which will be held there.

The troop has sixty members aged from four to eighteen and in a rural area where there is not much to do for children it really is a lifeline in the community.

The grants have been given out by the Awards for All programme run by the Big Lottery Fund and it’s just one of the very many ways that sales of lottery tickets is helping good causes right across the UK.

This money, almost a quarter of a million in total isn’t a huge amount but will make a huge amount of difference to the lives that it touches within the Scout troops that it is awarded to across Northern Ireland.

Article Last Updated: 7th August 2009

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