Student is "Rich for Life"!

A 25 year old student from Burnley in Lancashire has won the jackpot in the Rich for Life scratchcard game. The Rich for Life game costs £5 to play, but offers the top prize winner £40,000 per year for life, making it the biggest annuity prize ever offered by the National Lottery in the UK.

Roxanne Newton is studying to become a qualified youth worker, and two weeks before she scratched herself financial security for life, she had a dream which predicted the event with incredible accuracy.

"I dreamt I had won the top prize on a Rich for Life scratchcard," Roxanne said. "I didn't really think anything of the dream at the time, but I told my friend Natalie and family about it. I was joking that it was going to be me winning the big prize some time!"

Roxanne bought her winning ticket from a Spar convenience store after looking at the scratchcards and recalling her previous dream. She then hopped on the bus, played the game and discovered that her dream had come true. Within a matter of seconds, that scratchcard had become one of Roxanne's most treasured possessions, and she immediately began guarding it with her life.

"After getting off the bus, I rang my mum to let her know the good news," Roxanne continued. "But when I told her, she thought I was winding her up about my dream a couple of weeks earlier. I kept the ticket on me all the time, I was so scared I would lose it, I put in under my mattress for safe keeping!"

The £40,000 a year prize will have a big impact on Roxanne's future, and she has already started making plans about how to use her new annual income wisely.

"I would like to commit some time to going back to study art as well as learning to drive and treating myself to a black VW Golf," she said. "I'm not exactly sure what I will spend it on, however it will mean a lot more financial security for the rest of my life!"

Article Last Updated: 20th February 2007

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