UK Lotto Jackpot Won For the Tenth Time in a Row

National LotteryLancelot proved lucky for the second time in a row for UK Lotto players with tickets on Saturday, 18th August 2012. Two lucky winners were able to match all six numbers to share the jackpot of £4,319,328, and as further seven players matched five and the Bonus Ball to take home an impressive £189,860. This is the tenth time in a row that the UK Lotto jackpot has been won, making an astonishing eleven millionaires in the process.

The only week which did not see millionaires being created was during the draw of 11th August 2012, which saw five people share a jackpot of £3,809,685, netting them £761,937 each. However, with a three quarters of a million pound win on an investment of one lotto ticket, we are sure they are not complaining too much!

For players who have not yet seen the UK Lotto results for Saturday 18th August 2012 they are 21, 27, 38, 42, 44, 46 and the Bonus Ball was 41. Set of balls 6 was used alongside Lancelot for the 37th time, and there was a total prize fund of £12,783, 416 which generated a whopping 473,058 winning tickets. Statistics fans may be interested to know that numbers 38 and 44 are two of the most commonly occurring lotto numbers, making their 241st and 239th appearance respectively. 41 last made its appearance as a Bonus Ball on 30th June 2012 , when it cropped up to help eight players win the secondary tier prize of £163,600 each.

This tenth jackpot win leaves us with yet again a brand new jackpot in time for the Wednesday draw, which is estimated to be £2.1 million. So make sure you buy your tickets In plenty of time and let’s see if the UK Lotto winning streak will continue!

Article Last Updated: 20th August 2012

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