Unclaimed Lotto Prizes – Are You a Winner?

LottoEveryone wants to become a winner when they play the Lotto and nine times out of ten when ticket holders win a prize they collect their winnings. However, sometimes winners fail to come forward to claim their prizes therefore these rather large sums of money go unclaimed and are added to the pot that goes towards Good Causes. Currently there are a variety of unclaimed Lotto prizes waiting to be collected – so take a look at them because you could literally be sat on a fortune!

In order of ones that will expire soonest here is a selection of unclaimed Lotto prizes this year:

  • Draw date – 18th April 2012 - Lotto prize 5 + Bonus – ticket purchased in Canvey Island & Basildon area – winning numbers 7, 8, 16, 22, 24, 28 Bonus 48 – last date to claim 15th October 2012
  • Draw date – 12th May 2012 – Lotto jackpot – ticket purchased in South Lanarkshire – winning numbers 1, 5, 18, 21, 23, 33 Bonus 20 – last date to claim 8th November 2012.
  • Draw date – 21st July 2012 – Lotto prize 5 + Bonus – ticket purchased in London Borough of Bromley – winning numbers 5, 14, 20, 40, 41, 42 Bonus 8 – last date to claim 17th January 2012
  • Draw date – 28th July 2012 – two x Lotto prize 5 + Bonus – tickets purchased in Swale, South Kent and South Shropshire – winning numbers 7, 10, 22, 29, 43, 44 Bonus 26 – late date to claim 24th January 2012

Whether these winning tickets have simply been lost or whether these ticket holders haven’t checked their tickets yet remains to be but make sure you thoroughly check all your Lotto tickets because you never know you could be a winner.

To find out more about unclaimed prizes please click here.

Article Last Updated: 19th September 2012

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