Will Euromillions affect Lotto sales

National LotteryLast week, the first ever Tuesday Euromillions draw played, making what was traditionally a once weekly draw, twice-weekly, just like the Lotto. But will this move by the Euromillions affect Lotto sales? In the last few weeks, two Wednesday Lotto draws have failed to reach £2 million, leaving us wondering if this is a taste of things to come as players opt for the big Euromillions jackpots instead.

History shows us that when the Euromillions launched across Europe, one country in particular noted a drop in sales of the local lottery draw. Since the launch of the Euromillions, the Irish Lottery jackpots have fallen, and may fall further now that there is a second Euromillions draw.

Will the new draw have the same affect on the Lotto? Only time will tell, but with many players tightening their belts, we may find that while Tuesday Euromillions tickets sell like hotcakes, Wednesday Lotto tickets may not sell so well.

We’ll be watching out for any tumbling jackpots, especially on the Wednesday Lotto draw and we’ll be checking to see if Lotto jackpots fall as the Euromillions jackpots climb. The Tuesday Euromillions draw is going to be a big success, that much is clear already, but at what cost? Will players save themselves for the £2 Euromillions draws, or will the Lotto continue to go from strength to strength? Wednesday’s Lotto draw will be a good indication of what the future may hold and we’ll be keeping an eye on the jackpots and bringing you all the Lotto and Euromillions results as they happen!

Article Last Updated: 16th May 2011

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