National Lottery Results

This page shows the National Lottery results and winning numbers for all of the most popular games in the UK: Lotto, Lotto Raffle, Thunderball and EuroMillions.

These results are automatically updated immediately after every draw, so you can bookmark this page and check the National Lottery numbers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Click the "More Results" links for the 10 most recent lottery results of each draw.

Latest Lotto Results

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Wed 26/11/2014
Jackpot: £2,640,517
26 28 29 30 41 49 31

50 Lotto Raffle Numbers fo this draw

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Latest EuroMillions Results

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Tue 25/11/2014
3 7 25 32 36 1 6

Millionarie Raffle Number: SDM049114

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Latest Thunderball Results

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Wed 26/11/2014
Jackpot: £500,000
4 8 19 28 30 8
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Latest Health Lottery

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Wed 26/11/2014
Jackpot: £100,000
8 20 25 30 33 14
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If you forget to check the lottery results for some reason, clicking on the 'Further Results' link next to each lottery game will take you to a page of previous lottery results. This will allow you to view the National Lottery numbers for previous draws to see if you have missed out on any life changing National Lottery Jackpots!

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