Millionaire Raffle Results

Millionaire Raffle results are drawn just after the main EuroMillions results draw every Friday and Tuesday between 9.30pm and 9.45pm and give UK players the chance to win 1 million. The Millionaire Raffle results consist of nine digits, three of which are letters and six of which are numbers. For a UK EuroMillions player to win the 1 million raffle prize, their Millionaire Raffle number must be identical to the one drawn in the Millionaire Raffle results.

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Millionaire Raffle results should be checked separately from the main EuroMillions results as both games are in fact quite different. To check the latest Euromillions results click here. Of course, if you have bought your EuroMillions ticket online then both the Millionaire Raffle results and the EuroMillions results will be checked automatically on your behalf, so all you have do is keep an eye on your inbox for a winning notification by email.

December 19th 2014 - BGM814770

December 16th 2014 - ZGL268466

December 12th 2014 - YGC813215

December 9th 2014 - XFS947413

December 5th 2014 - WFP477150


If your Millionaire Raffle number matches the Millionaire Raffle results then you will, after going through the official claims process, 1,000,000. To add to this all National Lottery prizes in the UK are tax-free so you will get to keep every penny of your win!

Millionaire Raffle Promotions

From time to time the Millionaire Raffle hosts special draws in which there are extra prizes available to win. These happen at special times of the year such as Christmas and Easter and currently the Millionaire Raffle holds the title for the most amount of millionaires created in a single draw. This was the 100 Millionaires draw in July 2012 where the Millionaire Raffle celebrated the start to the Olympic games in London by having 100 1 million prizes available to win.

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