National Lottery Syndicates

The only proven way for an individual to increase their chances of winning any national lottery game is to buy more tickets. But if you don’t want to spend any more than you’re already spending then an alternative way of increasing your chances is to join or form a national lottery syndicate.

A national lottery syndicate is a group of people who all contribute a specific amount of money so that they can buy lottery tickets together and share any prizes that those tickets win. For example, if you currently spend £3 a week on tickets you could get together with nine friends who also contribute £3 a week. This would allow you to buy 30 tickets each week between all of you, and if a ticket won a prize you’d each receive a 10% share.

If there is an existing syndicate in operation at your workplace or in your neighbourhood then getting involved could be as straightforward as asking to join and paying the required amount of money each week. If there is no syndicate already running that you want to join, the alternative is to form your own. This is actually quite a simple process if you follow our step-by-step approach:

Get Syndicate Members

A national lottery syndicate can have as few or as many members as you like, but you should try to strike a balance between increasing your chances and ensuring that the syndicate is manageable. Most syndicates have anything between 2 and 20 members, though larger syndicates are also operated, especially in large workplaces. Just remember that the more members a syndicate has, the less each member will receive if a syndicate ticket wins a prize.

Agree the Details

When you have gathered some members for your lottery syndicate you need to get together and discuss the details that need agreement. How much will each syndicate member contribute each week? Will you play the same numbers each time or use the Lucky Dip system? Will you participate in just the Wednesday draw, just the Saturday draw or in both draws? And, perhaps most importantly, who will lead the syndicate? The syndicate leader will be the person who is responsible for buying the tickets and who can be trusted to share the prize money when you win, so be sure to choose this person carefully.

Put It in Writing

Even if your national lottery syndicate is formed entirely of family members or close friends, you should put your agreement in writing. One reason for this is that it will allow the syndicate leader (who will be the person receiving any lump sum from the lottery operator) to transfer funds to syndicate members without having to pay tax (at the time of writing). Another reason for setting out your agreement in writing is that it will help to settle any arguments that may arise in the future – just be sure to make sure that it includes all of the most important details. These are:

  • The name of the syndicate leader.
  • The contribution that each syndicate member will make.
  • The share of prize money that each syndicate member will receive.
  • The names of the syndicate members.
  • The method used to pick numbers.
  • The draws that will be entered (Wednesday, Saturday or both).

Make sure that the agreement is dated and that all syndicate members sign it in the presence of an impartial witness, who should also sign it.

When you have completed these three simple steps, you are ready to start playing as a syndicate. You now have a greater chance of winning than you by playing as an individual, so if you happen to strike it lucky, just remember where you came across the idea in the first place!

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