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Largest Lottery Win in Australia

Oz Lotto boasts the record for the Australia’s largest ever lottery jackpot. The top prize rolled over nine times before it was finally won on Tuesday 6th November 2012, having reached a record-breaking AU$111.9 million.

The top prize was shared between four lucky ticket holders who each matched all seven main numbers drawn. There were two winning entries purchased in Victoria, one in New South Wales and the other in Queensland. Each winner received an AU$27.9 million share of the prize.

One of the winning tickets from Victoria was held by a family from Meadow Heights who discovered their win when lottery officials telephoned them. The lucky players revealed that the money would be spent on visiting friends overseas and buying each family member a home of their own. The other Victorian ticket was owned by a syndicate of 80 members, who each collected AU$349,913 from the jackpot in addition to winnings in other tiers.

The winning ticket purchased in New South Wales belonged to a family from the Australian Capital Territory who pledged to pay off their mortgage along with those of their children and other relatives. The Queensland ticket belonged to a young family from Townsville who checked their numbers after hearing someone in their town had hit the jackpot. The father of the family planned to buy property with his winnings, as well as trading in their cars for newer models and taking a holiday abroad.

Biggest Australian Lottery Win on a Single Ticket

The title for biggest single ticket jackpot win in Australian lottery history is tied between two AU$70 million windfalls. The first was picked up by a syndicate of friends in Runaway Bay on the Gold Coast on 17th December 2013. The players pooled the loose change from their lunch to buy a 12-game Quick Pick for the big Oz Lotto draw, becoming the only ticket holder to match all seven numbers on the night. More recently, a retired couple from Hervey Bay in Queensland matched the win on 7th January 2016 after hitting the Australia Powerball jackpot.

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