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Changes to EuroMillions - September 2016

EuroMillions changes took place after the draw on Friday 23rd September 2016, aimed at providing bigger jackpots more often while also introducing an array of additional chances to win. Here were the main changes to EuroMillions that came into force:

EuroMillions Jackpots

A larger proportion of the prize fund is transferred to the EuroMillions jackpot now the changes have come into force, climbing to 43.2 percent from 32 percent. In addition to a rise in the cost of a single line to £2.50 from £2, this is expected to result in the top prize rolling to large amounts more quickly than it did under the old rules. Lottery officials predict there will be twice the number of prizes on offer worth £50 million or more thanks to the adjustment.

The base EuroMillions jackpot is now €17 million (around £14 million) up from the previous €15 million (£12 million). The jackpot cap remains at €190 million (around £155 million), but rather than having to be won after one draw at the top level, it can now stand for four draws until it rolls down and is shared amongst the winners in the next highest prize tier.

Millionaire Maker Changes

There are now two UK Millionaire Maker prizes of £1 million guaranteed to be paid out in every draw, rather than the previous one award. Mega Friday has been extended to Mega Week, providing multiple chances to win £1 million and a luxury non-cash prize in the last Tuesday and Friday draws of the month.

Additional EuroMillions Games

Players across Europe can take part in European Millionaire Maker, played at various points throughout the year. This game works like Millionaire Maker in the UK, where codes are automatically generated for each line you play in the main game.

EuroMillions Prize Odds

The odds of winning the EuroMillions jackpot have risen from 1 in 116,531,800 to 1 in 139,838,160, due to an extra Lucky Star being added to the matrix, bringing the total to 12. The odds of winning any prize in a draw stay static at 1 in 13.

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