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How to Spend a Big EuroMillions Jackpot

EuroMillions creates some of the biggest jackpots of any lottery in the world, opening up endless possibilities for players who manage to match all the winning numbers. Even the base amount for the top prize would allow you to fulfil most dreams, while the jackpot can climb into nine figures.

Here are some fun ways you could spend a big EuroMillions jackpot:

Jackpot of £14 to 40 Million

A New Luxury Home - Whether you want a lavish new property in London or to live the country life in a remote mansion, any jackpot win would set you up for a big move. EuroMillions winner Adrian Bayford spent just £6 million of his £148 million windfall on a Grade II-listed luxury estate in Horseheath, Cambridgeshire.

Fleet of Sports Cars - If you’ve always liked the idea of having the nicest car on the road, a big jackpot would allow you to take your pick. New Ferraris range from around £160,000 to half a million, so you could select a few different styles for your own extravagant fleet.

Travel the World - If you’re ready to give up the day job, you could use your EuroMillions winnings to go on a globe-trotting adventure. You might fancy going on safari in Africa, visiting the world’s greatest cities and travelling to every different continent, whilst always staying in five-star accommodation.

Jackpot of £40 to 80 Million

Live On The UK’s Wealthiest Street - Kensington Palace Gardens in London has the highest average property value in the UK. It is a beautiful area of the capital where residents enjoy an opulent lifestyle, with a ten-bedroom house estimated to be worth a little over £44 million.

A Private Jet - Priced at around £50 million, the Gulfstream G650 is still regarded as perhaps the best private jet going. You can fly around faster and higher than any commercial jet, in its sumptuous cabin, making it even easier to see all the top destinations on your wishlist.

Jackpot of £80 Million or More

International Holiday Homes - If you land one of the biggest jackpots you could purchase a range of multimillion-pound properties across Europe, allowing you to spend your year hopping from the Loire Valley to the Algarve or the Black Forest. Why not snap up homes in other exotic locations such as Dubai or the Caribbean too?

Superyacht - Imagine riding the ocean waves on your own stunning superyacht, complete with private pool, helipad, sunbathing areas and guest quarters. A ‘TV Superyacht’ is valued at £78.9 million, leaving some winnings still in your balance for a few other luxuries.

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