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Lotto Millionaire Raffle

Lotto Millionaire Raffle offers at least one guaranteed prize of £1 million in every draw, with 20 further awards of £20,000 on offer. It was launched on Saturday 10th October 2015, replacing Lotto Raffle, and one code for the game is automatically generated on your ticket for every line you play in the main Lotto game.

Tonight's Estimated Lotto Jackpot
£14.7 Million
Wednesday 20th June 2018
It's a 6x Rollover!
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Occasionally, Lotto Millionaire Raffle offers multiple £1 million awards in a single draw, often to celebrate special events. In April 2016, the game marked the beginning of the tenth series of Britainís Got Talent, which was sponsored by Lotto, by creating ten millionaires. On 10th October 2015, the first Lotto Millionaire Raffle draw saw the game distribute 25 top-tier prizes to mark the first Lotto draw under the new rules.

How Lotto Millionaire Raffle Works

A unique Lotto Millionaire Raffle code is generated for each line each Lotto line purchased, with the draws taking place on the same day as each other. The code is made up of a four-letter colour and an eight-digit numerical combination, for example PINK 1234 5678. The codes are not issued in order so, unlike with EuroMillionsí supplementary game Millionaire Maker, if you play multiple lines, you wonít necessarily receive consecutive combinations.

Each of the generated codes is entered into the draw and all 21, or sometimes more, prizes are guaranteed to be won on the night. Every Lotto Millionaire Raffle code has as much chance of being drawn out as any other and the colour or number on your ticket has no bearing on your chances of winning. It is worth noting that, due to the random nature of the draw, sometimes not all the colours issued to players turn up in the Lotto Millionaire Raffle results.

Odds of Winning Lotto Millionaire Raffle

As with a traditional raffle, you have a better chance of winning a Lotto Millionaire Raffle prize if fewer people are playing. Every Lotto ticket holder is entered into the supplementary game too and, with more players tending to enter on Saturday than on Wednesday and more tickets being sold for games with a bigger jackpot than a smaller one, the odds fluctuate from draw to draw.

Here are the estimated odds of winning, based on expected ticket sales for a regular Lotto Millionaire Raffle draw with 21 prizes:

Draw Day Odds of Winning
Wednesday Lotto Draw 1 in 338,000 (based on estimated 7.1 million Lotto tickets sold)
Saturday Lotto Draw 1 in 686,000 (based on estimated 14.4 million Lotto tickets sold)

Claiming a Lotto Millionaire Raffle Prize

All Lotto Millionaire Raffle prizes are valid for 180 days after the draw takes place, and you can visit the Lottery Claims page to learn more about the claims procedure. Prizes not claimed within 180 days of the draw are donated to National Lottery Good Causes fund.

Players that win Lotto Raffle prizes online are notified by email of their win in the same way they are for prizes won in the main Lotto draw.