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Lotto Millionaire Raffle

Lotto Millionaire Raffle offers at least one guaranteed prize of £1 million in every draw, with 20 further prizes of £20,000 on offer. Entry is free and you will receive one raffle code for every Lotto line you play.

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Notice: The Lotto Millionaire Raffle will be ending in November 2018 as part of changes to the main Lotto game. Find out more here.

Occasionally, the National Lottery offers multiple £1 million prizes in a single draw, often to celebrate special events. In April 2016, the game marked the beginning of the tenth series of Britain’s Got Talent, which was sponsored by Lotto, by creating ten millionaires. On 10th October 2015, the first Lotto Millionaire Raffle draw saw the game distribute 25 top-tier prizes.

How it Works

A unique raffle code that consists of a four digit colour and eight subsequent numbers (for example: AQUA 1234 5678), is generated on your ticket for every Lotto entry you purchase.

Generated codes are not issued in any particular order in the way EuroMillions Millionaire Maker codes are generated. This means that if you purchase multiple entries, you won't necessarily receive consecutive combinations.

You do not need to pay an additional fee to enter the Lotto Raffle draw, as entries are included in the price of each £2 Lotto entry. Each code you receive is entered into both the £20,000 and the £1 million raffle draws.

Odds of Winning

As with a traditional raffle, you have a better chance of winning a prize if fewer people are playing. Every Lotto ticket holder is entered into the supplementary game too and, with more players tending to enter on Saturday than on a Wednesday and more tickets being sold for games with a bigger jackpot than a smaller one, the odds fluctuate from draw to draw.

Here are the estimated odds of winning, based on expected ticket sales for a regular Lotto draw with 21 raffle prizes:

Draw Day Odds of winning a raffle prize
Wednesday 1 in 338,000 (based on estimated 7.1 million Lotto tickets sold)
Saturday 1 in 686,000 (based on estimated 14.4 million Lotto tickets sold)

Claiming a Lotto Millionaire Raffle Prize

As is the case with all UK National Lottery games, all raffle prizes are valid for 180 days after a draw takes place, and you can visit the Lottery Claims page to learn more about the claims procedure. Prizes not claimed within 180 days of the draw are donated to National Lottery Good Causes fund.


Got a question about the raffle and how it works? Some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the game are shown below, but if you still need assistance, don't hesitate to contact us.

Are raffle prizes checked automatically when I play online?

Yes. When you purchase a ticket online, all parts of your ticket are automatically checked - this includes the main Lotto numbers and the Lotto Raffle codes. In the event of any wins, you will be notified by email and urged to check your account.

Do lottery retailer machines check the raffle codes?

Yes. In the same way that online tickets are checked automatically, when a National Lottery retailer scans a ticket, the main numbers and raffle codes are checked together. In the event of a win, the terminal will make a win sound and the retailer will provide you with a Winner Receipt.

My raffle code colour was not drawn, why?

With millions of tickets being purchased for each draw all with randomly generated raffle numbers, it is entirely possible that out of 21 codes drawn, one or more colours may not appear. It is therefore also theoretically possible that all codes drawn could be the same colour.

As the winning codes are randomly drawn, there is no guarantee for each colour to be drawn a certain number of times. If there was, the 21 codes would not be truly random.

I've won a raffle prize, how do I claim it?

Congratulations on becoming a winner! The following table shows how and where you can claim your prize depending on how you played:

Raffle Prize I played Online I played In-store


You will need to confirm during the 180 day claim period that the prize should be transferred into your bank account via the debit card associated with your online National Lottery account.

You can claim your prize from any National Lottery regional centre, National Lottery affiliated Post Office or by sending your winning ticket, along with a completed claim form, to:

The National Lottery
Accounts Department
PO Box 287


Contact the National Lottery Customer Care Team on 0333 234 50 50 to arrange for your prize to be paid.

Call the National Lottery on 0333 234 44 33 during the 180 day claim period to arrange the payment of your prize.