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Lotto Changes

Changes to Lotto were made in November 2018, bringing in bigger cash prizes and introducing new 'Must Be Won' Rolldown draws. The changes will lead to the jackpot being won more frequently and players winning bigger prizes in the lower tiers than under the old format.

The game matrix and price have not changed, so you still need to pick six numbers from 1-59 and tickets still cost £2 each. The odds of winning have also stayed the same.

Here is a brief overview of what changed:

Note: The Lotto Millionaire Raffle game has now ended. The money that was previously allocated to raffle prizes is instead now used to fund the bigger fixed cash prizes in the main Lotto game.

New Prize Structure

The table below shows the prize amounts for each tier under the new Lotto format against the old format.

Prizes for Match 3, Match 4, Match 5 and Match 5 + Bonus are now fixed amounts (previously Match 4, Match 5 and Match 5 + Bonus were based on a percentage of the prize fund and were therefore estimated). If you match two numbers you will still win a free Lucky Dip. The jackpot will continue to be estimated, but the base jackpot has changed to £2 million for a Wednesday, and £3.8 million for a Saturday.

Prize tier New format
(21st November onwards)
Old format
Match 6 Jackpot Jackpot
Match 5 + Bonus £1 Million £50,000*
Match 5 £1,750 £1,000*
Match 4 £140 £100*
Match 3 £30 £25
Match 2 Free Lucky Dip Free Lucky Dip

*Estimated prize amounts

Jackpot Rolldowns

New jackpot rules were introduced to guarantee that the top prize will be won more regularly. The old format allowed the jackpot to grow until it hit a cap of £22 million, when it could roll over one final time before it had to be won.

Under the new format, the top prize is only be able to roll over five times. The jackpot funds must be won in the fifth rollover draw.

If no players match all six numbers in the fifth rollover draw (known as a "Must Be Won" draw), the jackpot rolls down and is shared between all the players winning cash prizes. This will increase the value of any prizes won for matching three or more numbers.