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National Lottery Changes

Lotto has undergone several changes since its launch in 1994, evolving over time to give players more chances to win prizes and become millionaires, whilst always raising money for worthy causes.

The latest big changes came into effect on Thursday 8th October 2015 ahead of the draw on the 10th of October, as the ball pool increased from 49 to 59. Players still choose six numbers and, although the odds of hitting the jackpot have gone from 1 in 13,983,816 to 1 in 45,057,474, your overall chances of becoming a millionaire have improved and stand at roughly 1 in 10 million thanks to the newly-introduced Lotto Millionaire Raffle, in which a single £1 million prize is definitely won by one ticket played in each draw.

There were also an additional 20 Lotto Raffle prizes of £20,000 on offer to players who match the automatically-generated code on their ticket with any of those drawn on the night.

Ticket holders who match two main numbers in a draw now receive a free Lotto Lucky Dip ticket, meaning that your odds of winning a prize have been cut from 1 in 54 to just 1 in 9.3. A limit of four rollovers was also scrapped as part of the changes, allowing jackpots to continue rising to potentially massive amounts. This was proven on Saturday 9th January 2016, when a run of 15 rollovers created a record-breaking £66 million Lotto jackpot. Two ticket holders matched all six main numbers drawn to receive £33 million each.

25 Lotto Millionaires

To celebrate the Lotto changes, the draw on Saturday 10th October offered 25 Lotto Millionaire prizes worth £1 million each - the largest number of millionaires that Lotto has ever created in a single night!

Summary of Lotto Changes on 10th October 2015

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