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13 UK EuroMillions Players to Become Millionaires on Friday 13th

Last Updated: Thursday 12th October 2017, 09:35 am

Friday the 13th is usually a date that fills the overly superstitious with fear and dread, however, tomorrow’s EuroMillions offering could see perceptions change forever. In an effort to banish the negative connotations surrounding this unfortunate day, UK ticket holders will have 13 chances to win £1 million in this Friday’s Millionaire Maker draw.

The dust may have only just settled following last week’s mammoth £170 million jackpot, which was eventually claimed by a Spanish player from Gran Canaria, but National Lottery bosses are providing UK ticket holders with even more chances to win big in the upcoming draw.

How it Works

Millionaire Maker is a UK-exclusive, raffle-style game that traditionally sees at least two ticket holders in every draw walk away with £1 million each. However, in order to mix things up, the draw on Friday 13th October will lavish 13 players with £1 million.

Each UK EuroMillions entry is accompanied by a unique four-letter, five-digit code which grants players free entry into the UK Millionaire Maker draw, and this Friday’s event will be no different. Following the main EuroMillions draw, 13 of these codes will be randomly selected, with each of the seven-figure prizes being snapped up by players in possession of one of the corresponding codes.

Unlike the main EuroMillions draw, the money on offer will not roll over, meaning that the rewards must be won on the night. In addition, it is possible to win a prize in the main EuroMillions game and a Millionaire Maker reward on the same ticket.

Once the draw has taken place, head to the dedicated EuroMillions Results page to check your code. With any luck, you could be one of the 13 lucky millionaires this Friday 13th!

Special Draws

This isn’t the first time EuroMillions players have been given the opportunity to win big in a special event. The National Lottery has twice attempted to set a new world record by crowning 100 millionaires in a single draw - first in 2012 to celebrate the Olympic Games being hosted in London and again in July 2013. The 2012 draw holds the title, with 97 of the winners coming forward to collect their prize.

There have also been a number of special Christmas and New Year draws over the last decade, not to mention the introduction of Mega Week (formally Mega Friday), which regularly gives players the chance to win superb non-cash prizes in addition to their £1 million sum. Find out more about special raffle draws at the Millionaire Maker page.

Don’t Forget About the Jackpot

Of course, there’s still the matter of an estimated £27 million jackpot up for grabs. So, if you would like to land this colossal sum of money and prove the Friday the 13th naysayers wrong, simply pick up a ticket from any authorised retailer. Alternatively, you can select your numbers for the main draw online. Good luck!

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