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1 v 100 Game Show

Last Updated: Thursday 7th September 2006, 10:18 am

1 vs 100 is a new National Lottery game show that will be presented on The BBC by popular Big Brother's Little Brother presenter Dermot O'Leary. The show will be broadcast on Saturday nights, starting later this month.

1 vs 100 is a show created by Endemol (which coincidentally also created Big Brother) and it has already been a massive hit in countries such as Holland, the USA and Hong Kong. The exact format of the UK version have not yet been revealed, but we can make an educated guess about what to expect by looking at how 1 vs 100 tends to work overseas.

1 vs 100 takes one contestant and sets them up against 100 other players. The contestant is asked to choose an easy or difficult question and then has to answer it, as do the 100 players. If the contestant gets the answer right, the players who got it wrong are eliminated from the game and an amount of prize money is calculated according to the number of correct players and added to the contestant's prize pot.

If the contestant gets an answer wrong, they are out of the game. However, they can choose to pay a proportion of money in their prize pot to buy the right answer. The proportion is hefty, starting at around 25%, so using this option is not something anyone will want to rush into.

Different countries have other rules concerning "doublers" (which allow the contestant to double the amount they win if none of the other players get it right) and the amount of prize money at stake for each question. We will have to wait and see how the UK format handles these, if at all, but what we can assume is that the aim of the game - for the single contestant to beat the 100 players - will remain the same.

With the Dermot O'Leary at the helm and the National Lottery in the background, we think that 1 vs 100 is a dead cert to pull in the Saturday night viewers to BBC One this Autumn.

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