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2000th Lotto Winner Named!

Last Updated: Thursday 21st December 2006, 10:18

The 2,000th person to become a millionaire thanks to the UK National Lottery is grandmother Stephanie Spindler from Lowestoft. Stephanie, who is 51, has two adult daughters, a teenage son and three grandchildren. We reported that the Lotto game had created its 2,000th millionaire a while ago, but the identity of the winner was only revealed last week.

Stephanie described the moments when she discovered her £2,192,219 win: "I was watching the lottery draw on television and casually checking my numbers. First, one number came up, and then another until I had arrived at six. I was simply stunned and shouted for my daughter Teri who was in the kitchen so that she could come and check them for me. Of course at first she didn't believe me - it was a case of 'here goes mum again' - but then we confirmed the numbers and became unbelievably excited. It's like one enormous Christmas present I can share with my whole family".

A win this close to Christmas is good news in itself, but for Stephanie the money really will be life-enhancing. "I have Multiple Sclerosis and have been in a wheelchair for two years, so I live with my daughter Teri," Stephanie said. "I would really like to build two houses side by side, together with an indoor swimming pool and a gym so that everyone can enjoy their leisure time and keep fit. It would also be lovely for the grandchildren to have plenty of space to run around."

Sadly, Stephanie's husband Stephen died two years ago, so he is not around to share in her happiness. "I know he would be absolutely ecstatic and would want us to book a flight to Las Vegas straight away," she said. "I have promised myself that I will do the trip anyway in his honour."

We wish Stephanie the trip of a lifetime, as well as a very merry Christmas - her first as a UK Lotto millionaire!

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