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Barman Pulls A Lotto Windfall

Last Updated: Wednesday 7th June 2006, 01:22 am

A Redditch barman enjoyed his very own happy hour when matching five numbers and the bonus ball to win a cool £154,026 in the Lotto on May 20th.

James Swinford, aged 30, is originally from Brisbane, Australia. He moved to the UK to be near his grandmother and became a British citizen in 2002. James now lives in Southcrest, Redditch, and - in addition to pulling pints - works as a Press Operator for Stratford Precision Engineering. His win came as a result of purchasing a Lucky Dip ticket.

"I was just relaxing after the Saturday night shift and went to check the winning Lotto numbers on Teletext," he said. "As my girlfriend was packing to go and see her sister, the lounge was a mess and it took me a while to find the remote!"

Eventually, the elusive remote was discovered, and James was able to bring up the Lotto results on his TV. "When the numbers finally appeared on the screen I just couldn't move," he said. "I had to phone my best friend Lee to check the numbers for me again before it finally sank in. I then called my mum in Australia to tell her the good news - I think she'd have liked to have flown over here to give me a hug!"

So, what does James plan to do with his Lotto Windfall?

"I want to travel back to Australia to see my mum and also have a holiday with my girlfriend," he said. "More long term I'd like to buy some property back home and invest the rest."

As James and many other five-number-plus-bonus-ball winners will tell you, a meaty six figure win can be just as exciting as hitting the jackpot - and it can certainly be enough to enhance your life! So why not try to pull yourself a Lotto windfall today?

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