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Dream Comes True

Last Updated: Thursday 31st July 2008, 09:21 am

Lottery Dreams A dream about winning the lottery with a specific set of numbers has come true four years later for a couple in King’s Lynn. John James, who is knows as Ron, and his wife Selena are both in their sixties and are now looking forward to a comfortable retirement.

Ron and Selena were keeping an eye on the live national lottery draw when they managed to match five numbers and the bonus ball to scoop £147,320, as Ron explains: “I was in the kitchen making a cup of tea when the numbers started to be drawn on the TV. Although Selena was checking them off, I could hear the commentary and because those particular numbers are so embedded in my memory from that dream, I just knew we had won.”

Lottery dreams about winning the jackpot are incredibly common, with around 50% of jackpot winners reporting that they had previously had a dream of doing so. Of course, sceptics would point out that many more people dream of winning than actually do, but that doesn’t stop winners feeling that there is some kind of link when they happen to get lucky.

“It really is incredible that my dream has come true – although I haven’t slept properly since we found out about the win, so the chance of having any more dreams like that one is very unlikely at the moment,” Selena said.

And what do the lucky couple plan to do with their money? “This win really means the world to us,” Selena said. “Like all pensioners, we have to make every penny count but now we can afford not to worry about paying the bills and there’s still going to be some left over. Replacing our old car is a priority and, as we’ve only had two holidays in the past 20 years, we’re going to treat ourselves to a cruise.”

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