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Road Sweeper's Last Minute Lotto Dash Nets £4.5 Million

Last Updated: Wednesday 24th September 2014, 09:31 am

A North London road sweeper has come forward to collect his share of last Wednesday’s £13.7 million Lotto jackpot, having bought his winning line less than ten minutes before the cut-off time for the draw. Joseph Whiting intended to purchase his ticket when he visited the shop to pick up some bread earlier in the day but almost missed out on his life-changing windfall when a friend offered to bring him a loaf instead.

It was only at 7:15pm, with fifteen minutes to go until the draw closed, fate intervened and the 42 year old decided to wander down to his local Budgens. He bought three Lucky Dips at 7:20:08pm and set off back home for an early night before his usual 4am start.

After discovering his good fortune the next morning he placed the ticket in a cup for safekeeping and instructed his mum not to clear it up. He then left the house to clean the streets of Camden. Joseph kept his new-found wealth to himself until he could return home and confirm with lottery officials that he was, in fact, one of three winning ticket holders who bagged just over £4.5 million in the quadruple rollover draw.

Whiting immediately quit his job, claiming that while he would miss his colleagues, he would certainly welcome the lie-ins, and he now intends to buy a house, look after his three children, treat his Mum and learn to drive.

If you would relish the opportunity to live the millionaire lifestyle like Joseph, then tickets are now on sale for tonight’s draw from authorised retailers or, if you don’t trust your mum not to clear up the cup in which you would store your winning ticket, you can play Lotto online where all ticket details are safe and secure. In addition to a jackpot of £2.1 million tonight, there will also be 50 prizes of £20,000 each for players who match Lotto Raffle codes.

Good luck and remember, ticket sales for tonight’s Lotto draw close at 7:30pm!

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