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UK Chocolate Factory Worker Gets a Sweet Treat from EuroMillions

Last Updated: Wednesday 21st May 2014, 13:12 pm

Life is sweet for a chocolate factory worker from Birmingham who has picked up a £1 million prize in the EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle. 51-year-old Paul Cole has worked at Cadbury’s for almost 35 years but had to take the night off work when he discovered his big win.

“I immediately called my boss, asking if I could have that evening off.” said Cole, who was worried he wouldn’t be able to concentrate. Luckily his boss was delighted for him and the whole factory was soon aware of the exciting news.

Paul, who plays both the UK Lotto and EuroMillions online every week, discovered his win after receiving an email from the National Lottery. “[I] thought it was a wind-up” said Cole, “so I called the National Lottery and they confirmed it was no joke."

By playing EuroMillions online, Paul ensured his ticket would be kept safe and checked automatically so he didn’t spend a moment too long oblivious to his big win. This isn’t always the case though and plenty of big winners spend months unaware of their potential wealth with some winners never claiming their prizes at all!

In 2013, Jane O’Brien won £1 million on the UK Millionaire Raffle but unknowingly carried the winning ticket in her bag for a full three months, all the while working double shifts in an attempt to save up for a dream trip to New York. Had O’Brien played online, the National Lottery would have notified her and the holiday would have come a lot sooner! A player from Ladywood in Birmingham wasn’t so lucky after their ticket, worth an amazing £12 million, expired without them ever realising that they were a multi-millionaire.

Thankfully, Paul Cole doesn’t have to wait for his windfall and has already made plans on how to spend it by upgrading his upcoming trip to Weymouth and buying his dream car – a Land Rover Discovery. Paul has wisely decided to invest the rest until he’s had time to come to terms with his win and decide how he wants to spend his new fortune.

The next EuroMillions draw takes place on Friday and, in addition to the £1 million raffle prize, boasts a jackpot of £48 million. If you’d like to participate in the draw, follow the Lottery Tickets tab or visit an authorised retailer.

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