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Big Lottery Break for Carers

Last Updated: Friday 25th September 2020, 15:17

The Big Lottery Fund is providing a big break for carers of disabled children thanks to its Reaching Communities initiative. £5.25 million will be shared between eighteen projects that help ‘some of the most vulnerable and socially excluded people across England.’ The Shared Care Network is one of those projects, and it has been given £379,128 to give carers of disabled children a short respite break from their responsibilities.

There is a large number of disabled children in the UK, and that means an even larger number of carers. Most carers of disabled children are the parents and siblings of those children, and in the majority of cases they do an extremely difficult job without ever complaining about it. But that doesn’t negate the fact that being a carer of a disabled child is physically and mentally exhausting. Giving carers a short break would allow them to take a breather and be able to resume their caring activities with renewed strength.

Thanks to its four year grant from the Big Lottery Fund, the Shared Care Network will set up a network of volunteer carers throughout England. Those volunteers will be able to look after disabled children for short periods of time so that the carers themselves can get a brief but very well-earned rest. As for the children themselves, they get to enjoy a change of scene and experience a wider range of activities.

“We are thrilled to get this funding,” said Candy Smith, Chief Executive of the Shared Care Network. “Short break carers really do transform the lives of families of disabled children.  Not only do they give parents a break from caring; they give disabled children the chance to take part in activities that most non-disabled children take for granted.

“Receiving this funding will allow us to create a national network of carers so we can support them in this challenging, but very rewarding role they provide to disabled children and their families. Without the support of outside agencies like the Big Lottery Fund to fund our research, development work, training, literature and campaigns we would be unable to support this essential service.”

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