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What will Cadbury sale mean for Lottery

Last Updated: Wednesday 20th January 2010, 00:01

Today the news has reached us that Cadbury – one of the last British institutions – has finally succumbed to a hostile takeover from American food giants Kraft Foods. Now the move has been big news for a while now but what will the Cadbury sale mean for the Lottery, of whom Cadbury own a sixth share?

It’s more uncertainty for the UK Lotto who have been having a difficult enough time of it already with the sale. Interested parties have been asking for extensions on the deadline and with issues about the Camelot’s license on the National Lottery who knows where the whole debacle will end up.

One thing is for sure though, is that one of the last bastions of British life have been sold off forever. What this will mean for Cadbury as a company? Well it would seem as a going concern, that the company is quite stable and probably not much needs to be changed, especially as they could afford a major stake in Camelot.

Will the Cadbury share of the UK Lotto be up for sale now that it’s actually owned by Kraft Foods? Or will they see it as a useful asset and decide to keep hold of it? Who knows, Kraft themselves probably have not yet made a decision on the lottery yet.

We’re guessing that the Cadbury share in Camelot will still be for sale after this debacle, after all sales of lottery tickets are not in keeping with the chocolate making business. For now it’s more media attention, more gossip and more supposition from us and the lottery world.

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