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Euromillions winners eye up Robert Plant mansion

Last Updated: Thursday 7th July 2011, 15:57

Euromillions UK’s biggest lottery winners, a couple who won one half of the £91 million Euromillions jackpot a few weeks ago have been house hunting but it’s not the conventional type that we might do. In fact the lucky Euromillions winners have been to view Robert Plant’s old pad, a mansion just a few miles from their current abode. And the asking price at under £5 million is well within their lottery winning budget.

The house – just a few miles from where they are currently living would be perfect for the Euromillions winners from Caerleon, South Wales as not only is it local to them but they are both big fans of Led Zeppelin, the band that Robert Plant is associated with.

You may think that buying the mansion might be a big of a stretch for the lucky lottery winners, but at under £5 they could easily buy it ten times over. These are the biggest lottery winners the UK has ever seen after all.


To put the wealth of these lottery winners into perspective they are the first every UK Lottery winners to make the times rich list, putting them on a par with celebrities such as Chris Evans and Jamie Oliver. With £45.5 million in the bank you can live wherever you like.

Of course on the subject of the Euromillions rollover and if you scoop the lot to yourself, no shares then you would instantly knock this couple out of the record books because it’s a triple rollover and with an estimated jackpot of £54 million you’d be foolish to miss out. Buy lotto tickets online now and you need never miss another big Euromillions Lottery jackpot

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