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Four Share the UK Lotto

Last Updated: Sunday 30th May 2010, 11:40

It’s another week of smaller winners on the UK Lotto as the £4.7 million jackpot is shared four ways! It’s the latest in a long line of shared lottery jackpots and it’s making us wonder how jackpot winners must feel when they get, for example, four times less than they imagined they were going to get when they realised they had matched the six winning lottery numbers.

Last night’s UK Lotto players collect a little over £1 million of the £4.7 million lottery jackpot as it was shared four ways and just Wednesday players had a third share of the jackpot and that was just £624,000!

It’s hardly the millionaire dreams we’ve come to expect from the UK Lotto but then maybe it’s nice to have more shares and therefore more winners created. What are your thoughts on the subject? Would you be happy with a smaller win if you knew you were ‘sharing the wealth’ or would a lottery win end up being a disappointment as it was less than you expected when you checked the lottery results?

We always have the Euromillions Lottery for monster rollover jackpots and so maybe it’s the perfect divide for UK Lottery players. With both the UK Lottery jackpot offering smaller jackpots and more shares, maybe the big jackpots on the Euromillions Lottery mean that everyone’s happy. It means of course there’s a lottery draw to suit all lottery players and whether you want smaller shared jackpot or big Euromillions style jackpots you can just buy lottery tickets accordingly.

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