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Get Set for Two Big EuroMillions Events in Early 2022

Last Updated: Monday 10th January 2022, 11:45

Two special EuroMillions events have been scheduled for the coming weeks, with a European Millionaire Maker raffle on Friday 21st January followed by a Superdraw on Friday 4th February.

European Millionaire Maker

First up is a European Millionaire Maker draw, in which 100 players are guaranteed to become millionaires. Those millionaires will be spread out across Europe, as everyone who buys a ticket in all nine participating countries will automatically be entered into the special promotion at no extra cost.

In the UK, your Millionaire Maker code will also be used as your entry for the European version of the raffle. Match any of the 100 winning codes exactly and you’ll receive £1 million. There will also be one winning UK Millionaire Maker code as usual, so make sure to check the results carefully after the draw.

There have only previously been a couple of European Millionaire Maker events, but this one is the biggest to have been seen so far. The last two created 25 millionaires rather than 100.

There’s no set number of prizes for each country, so it remains to be seen how many £1 million awards go to the UK. However, the UK is one of the biggest participating nations and therefore sells more than its fair share of tickets, so it may well have more winners than those countries where fewer entries are played.

EuroMillions Superdraw

Just a couple of weeks after the European Millionaire Maker, the next EuroMillions Superdraw will go ahead on 4th February.

The jackpot will be increased to a guaranteed €130 million (approximately £110 million), and will roll over if no tickets match all the winning numbers.

There were four Superdraws in 2021. Two of them rolled over to record amounts, while one of the others was won on the night by a UK ticket holder. They claimed their £111 million jackpot less than 48 hours after the draw took place.

It promises to be a thrilling few weeks with big jackpots and guaranteed millionaires, so make sure to give yourself a chance to win. Choose your numbers online or visit an authorised retailer.

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