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Helen Mirren buys lottery tickets

Last Updated: Wednesday 30th March 2011, 08:03 am

I guess many of us think that when you’re rich and famous there isn’t much left to dream for. However, it would seem that isn’t the cash as Helen Mirren admits that she still buys lottery tickets. The actress, a Dame, famous for many roles including the Queen admits that when the jackpots get high, even she is struck by lottery fever and buys a few lottery tickets. Now that would be a lottery news story to write up wouldn’t it? ‘Dame Helen wins the Lotto’.

Dame Helen Mirren is about to star in a remake of the Dudley Moore film Arthur but says she still likes to dream about winning huge amounts of cash. The actress, who must be worth millions herself, owns a castle and says the refurbishment is proving expensive.

Although hardly struggling, Dame Helen admits that when lottery jackpots top the £50 million mark she takes part in the big draws, buying a couple of lottery tickets to keep her dream alive. So if you thought the lottery was only for us mere mortals, you’d be wrong as this proves even the wealthiest of us get lottery fever!

Tonight’s midweek Lotto jackpot is about as far away from £50 million as you could ever get, so we’re not sure Dame Helen will be buying lottery tickets. However, if you wish to play for the £2.4 million jackpot then buy lottery tickets now, and make sure you check back later for all the lottery results!

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