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Liverpool Euromillions winners ex speaks out

Last Updated: Sunday 15th November 2009, 13:57 pm

Euromillions It’s not surprising that when you win a big amount of money, be it on the lottery or in any form of competition, that a skeleton or two will come out of the closet. This is true for one of the syndicate who scooped half the recent jackpot of £90 million. The Liverpool Euromillions winners ex speaks out to the Mirror claiming that his ex wife, Donna Rhodes, is a ‘spendaholic who loves money’.

You have to ask yourself when reading the piece in the newspaper, written by Simon Wright, whether this is factual or merely a case of sour grapes and jealousy from the ex-husband of the lucky winner.

The ex-husband of Donna Rhodes, one of the ‘Magnificent Seven’ syndicate who took half the £90 million Euromillions jackpot, says in the article that ‘no amount of money was ever enough’ and in their two year marriage he claims they missed mortgage payments whilst Donna always had money to go out on the town.

The lucky winner is now remarried and her first marriage ended in 1992, some 17 years ago, so why this ex-husband needs to come out with all this nonsense can only be attributed to the couple of hundred pounds he will have made by selling his story to the newspaper. It must stick in his throat a little that whilst he had to declare himself bankrupt, his ex wife will now be sitting in the lap of luxury with her £6.5 million share of the big Euromillions jackpot win.

However this does not make it acceptable to sell her out for a minimal amount of money!

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