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Lucky Plasterer Thanks Fellow Shopper After £1 Million Lotto Win

Last Updated: Tuesday 2nd July 2019, 10:33

A plasterer from West Yorkshire has thanked a shopper who let him go to the front of the queue after picking up a Lotto ticket which turned out to be worth £1 million. Arron Walshaw says a ‘bizarre feeling’ came over him that he needed to enter last Wednesday night’s draw, and the stranger’s kindness helped him get served before the cut-off time.

‘Beer for the England Game’

Walshaw, from Ossett, dashed into the Tesco Extra store when he realised that he had a free Lucky Dip from a previous draw and only had a few minutes left until sales closed. He approached the cashier at the same time as another lady and she offered him her spot after noticing that he was in a rush.

He said: “I asked if she was sure but she was buying beer for her husband and she said, ‘Oh it’s fine, he can wait, he’s only watching the England game, he’s no interest in me at the minute’. What a stroke of luck that turned out to be! I don’t think I would have been in time to buy my ticket if she hadn’t let me go first.”

Walshaw now hopes to meet the lady again to say thanks in person, after discovering that his ticket was the winner of the top prize in the Lotto Millionaire Raffle. He is also looking forward to enjoying his winnings with fiancé Ceri Hall. The money will help them to have the wedding of their dreams and they are also planning to buy a house together, along with a family car and maybe a holiday.

Arron has no plans to give up work but will be reducing his hours so that he can spend more time with their daughter. The news has also been well received by the couple’s family. “The best reaction was from my brother,” recalled Arron. “When he processed it, he cried.”

What is the Lotto Millionaire Raffle?

The Lotto Millionaire Raffle is a game that is played alongside Lotto every Wednesday and Saturday. You are automatically entered into the draw when you play Lotto and the cost of entry is included in the price of a ticket. You receive a unique random code - consisting of a four-letter colour and eight numbers - for each line of Lotto numbers you play.

A winning code worth £1 million is then drawn on the night and the player who matches the code exactly becomes a millionaire. Arron and Ceri’s raffle number for Wednesday 11th July was AQUA 5421 3759. Another 20 winning codes, worth £20,000 each, are also randomly selected in each draw.

The chances of winning depend entirely on how many Lotto tickets are sold for the draw in question. It is estimated that there are around 7 million entries on an average Wednesday, and over 14 million on a typical Saturday. Visit the Lotto Millionaire Raffle page to find out more about how the game works.

Lotto Jackpot Rolls Over

You can win a Lotto Raffle prize without winning on the main Lotto game, or vice versa. A single ticket holder scooped £10.5 million on Wednesday 11th July, but the Lotto jackpot has rolled over for the past two draws and is now back up to £7.7 million ahead of Saturday night. Visit an authorised retailer or take part online to try and land the stunning jackpot.  

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