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National Lottery shared again

Last Updated: Sunday 29th August 2010, 10:47

Looking back on the past few weeks lottery results makes it easy to see just how long it’s been since a UK Lotto jackpot went to a single winner. Now last night’s results are in and the National Lottery is shared again, this time between two lucky players who each collect over £2 million. Are you a UK Lotto jackpot winner? Check those lottery numbers now to find out.

The jackpot for last night’s National Lottery draw was £4.7 million and Merlin was the lottery machine used for the draw, not seen since Saturday August 14th. Set of balls number 3 was chosen for the draw, also not seen since mid August. You can check the full lottery numbers and payouts on our lottery results page but two players collect £2,350,543 for matching all six winning numbers.

Five and the bonus winnings from last night’s National Lottery draw pay just £76,000 from last night’s draw but with nineteen players winning this division it was always going to be a little lower than expected.

There’s no denying however that it was a successful night for UK lottery players. In total almost £14 million was paid to lottery winners from last night’s National Lottery draw, a massive cash amount we’re sure you’ll agree.

The next draw is Wednesday’s National Lottery draw and you can buy lottery tickets for that, right now. Check back in the week for more lottery news, results and gossip on the National Lottery news pages!

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