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New ad campaign from UK Lotto

Last Updated: Friday 12th March 2010, 10:02

Advertisement campaigns from the National Lottery tend to be both memorable and spectacular with some of the best and most memorable taglines ever and now the UK Lotto is hoping that the same tactic will work on their brand new ad campaign, for scratchcards and instant win games. The first of the ads will appear on our television sets on Sunday with the tagline ‘put some PLAY in your day’.

The lottery scratchcard ad launches at a very boring board meeting, everyone looks uninspired and upon seeing this, the managing director announces ‘Let’s pump this party’. Cue music, dancing by workers and much excitement.

A second ad will then show one of the office workers winning a lottery scratchcard game causing bursts of confetti and streamers around the office, the ad then ends with the tagline ‘Put some PLAY in your day’

Whether ‘put some PLAY in your day’ will become as synonymous with the lottery as other popular lotto taglines is yet to be seen, we’re not sure it has the same ring as ‘it could be you’ but the National Lottery are well known for their memorable ad campaigns so there’s no doubt this will be impressive.

The ads launch from Sunday so look out for them but did you know that you can also play scratchcards and instant wins at the National Lottery website? Click our buy lotto tickets online link and you can check them all out for yourself and put some play in your day!

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